Specialization in Music Theory Pedagogy


The music theory field is interdisciplinary, linking with diverse academic areas including history, composition, literary theory, science, and philosophy. That inclusive spirit is evident in the faculty members and students as well, making for a close-knit, collegial, and supportive community of scholars. Teaching and research span from ancient music to music of today, and from art music to jazz and popular music. 

Theory faculty members are known for their research in a wide variety of topics; including Schoenberg’s atonal and twelve-tone music, musical form in the music of Berlioz, text and musical structure in nineteenth-century song, the music of living composers, and the influence of eighteenth and nineteenth century thought on the development of music theory. 

After receiving SOMD approval to pursue the chosen specialization, please submit this checklist along with the Declaration of Graduate Specialization form to the Music Graduate Office in the first term of enrollment in the Graduate Specialization. For questions or information, contact the Graduate Music Registration and Advising at 541-346-5664 or email GradMus@uoregon.edu.

graduate-level credits
skills exam

For a complete list of all Music Theory Pedagogy requirements download the checklist below.