Professional Development Opportunities

A degree from the School of Music and Dance opens doors to opportunities in a vast diversity of fields—from music and dance performance, sound engineers and arts writers to movement therapists, music librarians, dance and music instructors, composers, and lecturers—and that’s only a partial list!  

Obtaining the career you have trained for takes careful preparation and focused articulation of your accomplishments. At the School of Music and Dance, professional development opportunities are abundant. 

Students pursuing career opportunities before and after graduation can do so through professional opportunities that include workshops, competitions, conferences, residencies, festivals, branding, internships, and more.


For information on GE (formerly called GTF) positions in music programs, contact the Music Graduate Office at at 541-346-5664 or by e-mail. For openings in the Department of Dance, contact the department at 541-346-3386 or by e-mail.