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Welcome to the University of Oregon’s School of Music and Dance. Beginning a new journey at the Pacific Northwest's premier higher education institution of music and dance is exciting! SOMD students immerse themselves in a supportive community of artists and scholars who learn together, perform together, and socialize together. There are many resources at the School to help you be successful in any path you choose.  

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Beverly Taflinger, Undergraduate Music Advisor 


Dr. Leslie Straka, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies 
Kathie Hsieh, Student Services Coordinator and Graduate Advisor

Locker Rental

Instrument lockers in the Frohnmayer Music Building are available for rental by music students.  

Rental costs $8.00 per locker, per term, and includes rental of a lock. Personal locks are not allowed.  

Music majors, minors, graduate students, and students registered for lessons, or ensembles may reserve a locker. Students may request lockers here. The front desk staff will email students their assigned locker and combination after completing the form.  

Lockers may be reserved for the academic school year or per term. Please direct all questions about locker rentals to the SOMD front desk. 

If a student has very specific locker needs or requires modifications to a locker, a request can be made at any time by contacting the SOMD Director of Facilities. For more resources on accessibility options, please contact UO’s Accessible Education Center.  

Students renting lockers should be sure that valuables (particularly instruments and computers) are insured. Most homeowner and renter insurance policies cover personal items away from home, but double check with your insurance agent.  

Lockers should not be used for food storage.  

Students will be notified by email at the end of each term with a reminder to renew their locker or to empty their belongings before leaving for breaks. Items left in lockers, not being renewed, will be sent to the UO Police Department’s Lost and Found. 


Admitted undergraduates have the opportunity to be a part of the vibrant Performing Artists Collective Academic Residential Community (PAC ARC). This exciting and supportive group brings together students from all corners of the globe who share a passion for music, dance, or theater. The goal of the community is to provide students with opportunities to discover careers in the performing arts, collaborate across disciplines, as well as engage with multiple levels of performance and academic opportunities to further enhance the top-level education offered at the University of Oregon.  

You can apply for this community on your University Housing application. This community fills up quickly, so be sure to apply as soon as possible.

Learn more about the PAC ARC. 

Practice Rooms

Entry to the Frohnmayer Practice Room suites require an access code. Non-music majors/minors may contact the Assistant to the Facilities Director and request an access code once their practice room reservations have been confirmed in the email sent by the front desk.

Equipment may not be removed from practice rooms. Students must leave the practice room tidy, including wiping up any condensation puddles that may have accumulated after brass instrument practice sessions. 

General use practice rooms are intended for single use. Students are not to use practice rooms for private teaching. It is illegal to give private lessons in the Music building if they are not part of the University curriculum or an established University program.

Music Majors specializing in Piano, harp, organ, string bass, or percussion performance may be granted access to locked practice rooms specific for those instruments. For more details and reserving a Practice Room visit the SOMD Resources blog

Getting Here and Parking

Auditions for music applicants take place in the MarAbel B. Frohnmayer Music Building, 961 East 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403. You can also Google "Beall Concert Hall" and that will direct you to the School of Music and Dance. 

Metered and free parking can usually be found in the vicinity of the building, though be sure to note posted restrictions.