Time Management Tips

Now more than ever, keeping yourself organized and on time is going to be an important factor in being successful in class.

  1. Identify when major projects, exams, homework deadlines, and participation in online discussions are due. Build them into your own calendaring system. Try using a Term at a Glance Planner to organize major due dates, projects, and exams.
  2. Try setting a weekly schedule.  Allot time to “attend” lecture, complete readings, tackle homework, study, and watch videos. Use applications that can send you reminders (calendar or reminder apps on your computer or phone would be useful) to stay on track.

    Experiment with a Weekly Planner to organize due dates, keep track of assignments or appointments, and stay on track for academic success!

  3. It is easy to get lost in working on assignments. Try to break your work time into smaller pieces so you spend a specific amount of time working on any one part of a course before moving to something new.

  4. Check in with yourself periodically to determine if your time management is working. Make adjustments as needed.

Other helpful resources to help you stay on top of your work and avoid last-minute stress with our time management tools.

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