Other Ensembles


Pius Cheung, Associate Professor of Percussion

UO Percussion Ensemble is a vital part of our percussion program. Repertoire range from percussion classics and transcriptions to contemporary works by 20th/21st-century composers. Percussion students at the SOMD engage in a vibrant performance environment both on and off-campus


Robert Kyr, faculty advisor 

The Oregon Composer's Forum is a group of graduate-student composers at the University of Oregon that is committed to the creation and performance of new music. The forum is designed to help prepare students for careers in composition through public presentations of their works, holding open rehearsals of newly composed pieces, actively discussing current issues in the world of composition, and hosting formal concerts of new music. 


Margret Gries, director 

The Collegium Musicum is a unique ensemble that specializes in the study and performance of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music. Students have the opportunity to sing and play music that is outside the common concert hall repertoire. Since the repertoire is vast and quite varied, sight reading is an important component of the class activities. The use of the University's collection of historic instruments is always an important element in the activities of this ensemble. Audition or instructor approval is required. 


Toby Koenigsberg, director 

The Hip Hop and Pop Ensemble brings together instrumentalists, emcees, DJs, and producers to create cover versions of classic tracks as well as original music in a variety of hip hop styles. The ensemble, which is open to both majors and non-majors, rehearses weekly and performs regularly at venues and special events both on and off the UO campus. Auditions are held at the beginning of each term that the ensemble is offered. 


Mike Grose, director 

In addition to the standard weekly lesson (1 hour), there is studio class (1 hour), and tuba/euphonium ensemble (1 hour), all of which adds up to 3 hours each week of student/teacher contact. Members are expected to work hard, however, there is much opportunity for fun and camaraderie. For more information visit tubapeople.com.


Students are welcome and encouraged to found, manage, and participate in noncredit performing organizations. Ensembles may be overseen by a faculty member, but are independent of the UO School of Music and Dance. Examples include the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE), the Sospiro vocal ensemble, and a cappella ensembles such as On the RocksDivisi, and Mind the Gap


Robert Kyr, director 

The Pacific Rim Gamelan performs on the beautiful instruments of Gamelan Suranadi Sari Indra Putra, donated to the school in 1986 by John and Claudia Lynn of Eugene. The ensemble is a multicultural composing and performing orchestra, and works composed by its members use instruments from around the world, as well as gamelan instruments. The School of Music and Dance is the only institution in the nation to include an ensemble of this kind as an integral part of its curriculum. 

Ensemble Auditions