Undergraduate Scholarships and Funding

Cost of attendance is the estimated cost to attend the UO for the academic year. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships provides estimates for cost of attendance information that goes beyond tuition and fees, and includes: living expenses (housing and food), books/supplies/equipment, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

Music Performance Scholarships

Most undergraduate performance scholarships are automatically renewed for up to four years; graduate performance scholarships are renewed for the standard length of time it takes to complete the degree. Each student who auditions for the School of Music and Dance is automatically considered for a music scholarship. There is no additional scholarship application. Applicants must meet all application and audition deadlines.  

Dance Scholarships

Scholarships and grants to students in the Dance Department are awarded to provide support to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students based on various criteria.

Academic Merit Awards 

Academic merit awards are determined by the UO admissions and financial aid offices. These include Summit, Apex, Presidential, Stamps, Diversity Excellence, and General University Scholarships. To learn how to apply for these awards please visit the UO Financial Aid & Scholarships website. Please note the application deadlines and procedures as they can vary. 

Diversity Excellence Scholarship

The Diversity Excellence Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement and potential of students who, through sharing their varied cultural perspectives, will enhance the education of all UO students and the excellence of the University. 

The annual award amount is $6,500 for undergraduate students. The scholarship is renewable with the length of eligibility based on the recipient's grade level at the time of awarding. The Diversity Excellence Scholarship cannot be combined with some tuition-remission programs such as the Presidential Scholarship or University of Oregon staff tuition rates. 

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Need-based Awards  

Students can apply for need-based assistance through the UO Financial Aid & Scholarships website. These awards include the prestigious Staton Scholarships, need-based grants, federal loans, and work-study programs. Examples of music work-study jobs include positions with the box office, stage crew, music librarian, communications assistant, office worker, program writer, and computer lab monitor.  

International Student Scholarships  

To learn about scholarships for international students, visit the UO Scholarships and Financial Aid for International Students website

Other Scholarships  

To learn about other scholarships, visit the UO Financial Aid & Scholarships website

Work-Study and Employment Opportunities 

Work-study programs provide part-time jobs to eligible students. Eligibility is determined by financial need. Application procedures and guidelines can be found on the UO Work-Study webpage. Student work-study may be available in the School of Music and Dance. 

Students are encouraged to apply for work-study status. Most job assignments are made in September and require a short interview and/or resumé. Examples of music work-study jobs include box office staff, stage crew, music librarian, communications assistant, office worker, program writer, and computer lab monitor. 

For other employment opportunities and job listings, see the UO's Career Center webpages