Music Technology Graduate Program

The University of Oregon offers three graduate degrees in Music Technology: Master of Music in Intermedia Music Technology; Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Performance with an emphasis in Performance of Data-Driven Instruments; and Doctor of Philosophy in Data-Driven Music Performance and Composition. Each curriculum strives to balance the development of artistic and creative skills with the mastery of the technical aspects of the discipline.

Students have garnered national and international recognition for the excellence of their compositional work. Alumni hold positions on university faculties, pursue various careers in the music industry, work in multimedia production and sound for film and digital gaming.

Faculty’s creative work and scholarship is presented around the country and world at prestigious conferences and festivals, at elite academic and cultural institutions, and supported by the National Science Foundation.

Master's | Doctorate


Master's in Intermedia Music Technology 

Graduate-Level Credits
Terms in Advanced Electronic Composition
Interdisciplinary Courses Outside Music

Graduates pursuing a Master's in Intermedia Music Technology will take courses which focus in the following areas: 

Research Methods in Music
History of Electroacoustic Music
Advanced Electronic Composition
Oregon Electronic Device Orchestra (OEDO)
Musical Performance Networks
Music History
Music Theory

Doctor of Philosophy in Data-driven Music Performance & Composition

Graduate-level CREDITS 
solo recital
data-driven compositions in Portfolio

Graduates pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Data-driven Music Performance & Composition will take courses that focus in the following areas: 

Data Sonification
Twentieth Century Music
Oregon Electronic Device Orchestra (OEDO)
Data-driven Instrument Performance
History of Electroacoustic Music
Computer Music Composition
Pedagogy and Practicum
Musical Performance Networks

Student Support

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