SOMD CEI Resources

Below is a list of resources compiled by the SOMD Committee for Equity and Inclusion. If you can’t find what you need here, go to the UO DEI page





Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance
Responding to Bias and Xenophobia  


Accessibility and serving people with disabilities 
Serving Rural Communities 
Wellness for underserved populations and allies 
Accessible Education Center 

Bias Response

Reporting an incident on campus or in the community
L.A.C.E. Student Resources great resources specifically for students
(Bias and Discrimination, Immigration-Related Information, Physical Health and Mental Health, etc) 

Closed Captioning

There are many ways to integrate Universal Design and Accessibility into our teaching. This brief article focuses on Closed Captioning (CC) for teaching and outlines two areas where we may integrate CC into our classrooms—Real-time captioning and transcription on Zoom and Non-real-time captioning as part of videos placed on Panopto (video service on Canvas).

The CC process is visually outlined for Zoom on the Zoom website and for Panapto Recordings on the UO Canvas Panopto module. The AEC also describes the setup and outlines how to set up a professional transcriber on Zoom should you have one assigned to your class.


UO COVID-19 Page
Remote Resources for Students 
COVID-19 Resources for Faculty and Staff  
Denouncement of anti-Asian Discrimination& COVID-19


Campus Emergency Response Numbers and Campus Contacts


UCC LGBTQ+ Support Group: This is a weekly term-long emotional support group for all queer identities, in which themes around identity are processed. Group members often discuss an array of topics, including dating, family, dysphoria, transition, depression and anxiety, and experiences of discrimination. This is an opportunity for members to give and receive support within the LGBTQ+ community. Call 541-346-3227 for more information.

UCC Trans and Gender Expansive Identities Group: This is a weekly, term-long emotional support group for transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender expansive students. Group members come together around these shared identities, and hold space for each other to discuss a variety of topics, such as gender identity, gender presentation/expression, gender dysphoria, transition, dating, experiences of discrimination, and mental health concerns, to name a few. The use of group time is flexible to attend to present concerns and experiences arising for group members. Call 541-346-3227 for more information.

Center for Healthy Relationships (HEDCO Clinic) Transgender Women’s Support Group: A group for trans women and transfeminine people to explore their identities, develop supportive relationships, and connect to the community. Call 541-346-0923 for more information.

On Campus:

LGBT Education Support Services (LGBTESS): Program through the Dean of Students; Coordinator Haley Wilson 
LGBTQA3: Student-run organization that currently meets Tuesdays at 6pm in EMU Rm 22 
OUTLaws: LGBTQ Student group at the UO School of Law 

Strategic/Working Groups/Student Unions

Strategies and Working Groups
Student Unions
Alumni Groups

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Resources and Tools Regarding Racism & Anti/Blackness & How to be a Better Ally
Anti-racism resources

Crisis and Support 

Sexual Assault Support Services 
White Bird Crisis Line: 541-687-4000 


LGBTQ+ College Student Guide 
Higher Education Team from

Online Therapy Resources for the LGBTQ+ Community has many benefits for members of the LGBTQ+ community. If you live in a rural area or just can’t find a therapist who understands the challenges facing LGBTQ+ individuals, online therapy makes it easier to access mental health care. 

South Lane Mental Health (Cottage Grove) LGBTQIA+ Youth Support Group
FREE support group open to youth ages 14-18 who identify as LGBTQIA+ Please contact Jessica Williams at 541-767-4088 or

Eugene/Springfield 541-302-4422 

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)
591 W. 19th Ave. Eugene 541-343-7277 

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) Drop in Support Group for Self-identified members of the LGBTQIA+ community
1st & 3rd Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm

Trans Mentors International Inc 
Online forums and phone support, please allow up to 24 hours for a return call 877-366-3888

Trans* advocacy, support and resources; hosts monthly support meetings, for details contact:

Women’s Space
1517 Pearl S1. Suite 400 Eugene 541-485-6153 

Primary Care Providers

Dr. John Ford, MD: PeaceHealth, Country Club Road Clinic Eugene, OR 541-342-2134
Dr. Meg Hamilton: South Hilyard Clinic, 3525 Hilyard St. Eugene, OR 97405 541-687-8581 *accepts OHP
Dr. Melinda Muller: Legacy Health, 1311 NW 21st Ave., Portland OR, 97209 503-413-6738
Occupy Medical: Eugene Park Blocks Sundays 12:00pm – 4:00pm
PeaceHealth Women’s Center: Eugene, OR 541-686-7007
White Bird Clinic: 341 East 12th Avenue Eugene, OR 541-342-8255 *accepts OHP

Hormone Therapy

On Campus: Dr. Mary B. Allison-Smith: Endocrinologist, UO Health Center 541-346-2768
Off Campus: Dr. Douglas Austin: Endocrinologist, Women’s Care Eugene 541-683-1559 *accepts OHP with prior authorization
Dr. John D. Bagdade: Endocrinologist Riverstone Clinic 2073 Olympic St Springfield, OR 97477 541-682-3550 *accepts OHP
Dr. Sara Becker: Northwest Primary Care Milwaukie, OR 503-659-4988 *accepts OHP
Dr. Geoffery Gill: PeaceHealth Women’s Center Eugene, OR 1541-686-7007
Dr. Leigh Saint-Louis: PCP White Bird Medical Clinic Eugene, OR 541-484-4800 *accepts OHP


Dr. Daniel D. Dugi: OHSU Portland, OR (503) 346-1500 FTM/MTF Genital Surgery 
Dr. Tina Jenq: Oregon Cosmetic and Reconstructive Clinic PC, 10202 Southeast 32nd Avenue, Suite 702, Portland, OR 97222, (503) 400-6622 FTM/MTF Chest
Dr. Mark Jewell: Eugene, OR 541-683-3234 Gynecomastia & Breast Reduction only
Dr. Juliana Hansen: OHSU Portland, OR (503) 346-1500 FTM/MTF Chest 503-494-6687 *accepts OHP
Dr. Toby Meltzer: Scottsdale, AZ 866-876-6329 FTM Chest and FTM/MTF Genital Surgery
Jeannie Merrick: W.H.C.N.P PCP / Gynecologist Oak Street Medical Eugene, OR 541-431-0000
Dr Scott Mosser: San Francisco, CA (415) 780-1515 FTM Chest and FTM/MTF Genital Surgery
Dr. Tuan Ngyuen: Lake Oswego, OR 503-635-1955 FTM/MTF Chest, MTF Genital, and Facial Feminization surgery offerings
Dr. Mangubat: Bellevue & Tukwila, WA 206-575-0300 FTM/MTF Chest, Facial Feminization, Body Contouring, & Tracheal Shave surgery offerings
Dr. Hema Thakar: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Portland 503-413-4992 FTM/MTF Chest

Trans Care Coordinators

For help navigating surgery questions/process/insurance in Portland:

Voice Coaching

On Campus:

Speak Up Group Information
Mondays 1:30–2:50 pm

  • Sarah Hansen, graduate student in Couples and Family Therapy
  • 2 students in Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) program


  • Primary: Address vocal goals of participants
  • Secondary: Attend to emotional experiences connected with vocal modification and gender identity

Vocal goals addressed:

  • Raising pitch; Developing strong resonance; Practicing healthy vocal habits

Affective goals addressed

  • Sort through demands of Transgender identity
  • Explore messages received by society of what it means to be female, including what does or does not align with internal experience of being a woman

Group structure

  • 30 minutes: Sarah leads discussion about how homework went; current issues/concerns
  • 50 minutes: CDS students utilize speech therapy techniques to facilitate vocal exercises and practice
  • CDS students follow an 8-233k group manual with a different topic each week (e.g., resonance, speech patterns, etc.)

Additional meetings

  • Pre-group meeting week before group starts
  • Post-group meeting week after group finishes
  • These are brief one-on-one meetings where CDS students do a quick vocal assessment and establish goals and target pitch

Group demographics

  • Usually about 6-7 group members, often a mix between new and returning members; range of ages

How to Join

  • Call the HEDCO clinic at 541-346-0923
  • Tell the receptionist they are interested in joining Speak Up group and ask to be put on the waitlist if the group is already full
  • Students on the waitlist will be contacted as soon as there is an opening


Electrolysis by Tami: 2868 Willamette St, Suite 300 Eugene 541-514-4857
Terry Kay Myers Electrolysis: 34129 Meyer Road Cottage Grove 541-942-6124


Dr. Rob Voorhees, Eugene Complete Wellness Eugene 541-653-9324

Surgery Scholarships

The Jim Collins Foundation
Comprehensive Guide to Surgery Fundraising
Point of Pride 
Gender Bands 

Product Resources

As You Like It, Eugene, OR 
Point of Pride: free gender-affirming items and surgery fund

Trans Femme Shapewear

TransActive Gender Center
FTM Essentials: free chest binders for individuals 24 and under
Susan’s Place 

Gender Affirming Support Therapists

Dr. Mark Evans, Psychologist, 261 E. 16th Ave. Eugene OR, 97401 541-285-2155
Annelise Heitman, LMFT 328 W. Broadway Eugene OR, 97401 541-214-3465
Brent Horner, Psychologist, 132 E. Broadway, Suite 301 Eugene OR, 97401 541-206-7080
Keisha Janney, 132 E. Broadway, Eugene, OR 97402 503-454-6950 
Brooks Morse, Psychologist 132 E. Broadway, Suite 331 Eugene OR, 97401 541-221-5618 
Noelle Osborn, LPC 272 W. 11th Ave. Eugene OR, 97401 541-653-7778
Erika Patterson, 115 W. 8th Ave., Eugene OR, 97401 573-356-5536 
Jayson Peterson, LMFT, 492 E 13th Avenue, Suite 105 Eugene OR, 97401 541-579-9288
Jennifer Porter, 927 Country Club Rd. Ste. 200. Eugene OR, 97408 541-583-0135 
Anna Reichard, 132 E. Broadway, Suite 331, Eugene OR, 97401 541-337-9612
Sharma Rapoport, 541 Willamette St. Ste. 407, Eugene OR, 97401 541-221-8203 
Stacie Rowan, Psychologist, 132 E. Broadway, Suite 301 Eugene OR, 97401 541-337-5301  
Jordan Shin, LPC, 132 East Broadway, Suite 318 Eugene OR, 97405 541-342-8144 
Asha Stephen, 1234 Pearl Street, #7, Eugene OR, 97401 541-838-0833 
Nancy Taylor Kemp, 132 E Broadway Ave, Suite 331, Eugene OR, 97401 541-514-5421 
Eugene Therapy LLC 
Strong Integrated Behavioral Health 
Vista Counseling 


Composer Diversity Database
Decolonizing the Music Survey:  A Manifesto for Action (2018)
Interview with Afa Dworkin, President of Sphinx Organization
DONNE Women in Music
Promoting Equity: Developing an Anti-racist Music Theory Classroom
Music Theory’s White Racial Frame
Teaching Whiteness in Music Class
Embracing a Transformative Pedagogy: Music Departments and White Supremacy
The Work of Culturally Responsive Teaching

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