New Album: Child's Play featuring Faculty Wonkak Kim

Excerpts from the recent 4-Star Review by InfoDad on enhake's newest album, "Child’s Play" (MSR 1788):

enhake (Wonkak Kim, clarinet; M. Brent Williams, violin; Katherine Decker, cello; Eun-Hee Park, piano)

"Brahms’ Op. 49 songs include the famous Wiegenlied (“Lullaby”) as No. 4, but it is scarcely the only delight in the cycle - and even with the words missing, the sumptuous sounds of clarinet and cello, in particular, lend these little pieces a lovely glow….[in Ravel], the performance itself is first-rate, and genuinely moving in the slow finale…This mixture of familiar music works unusual well, and the playing is so fine that the disk provides enjoyment not only through what is performed but also because of how the pieces are presented." - Mark J. Estren

You can listen to the famous Lullaby via below link.

We dedicate this to all amazing parents and their children out there!