General Music Program


Students who want a conservatory-style education in music should work toward the bachelor of music (BMus) degree or a music major with the music history and literature concentrationmusic theory concentration or music technology concentration. The bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BS) degrees with the general music concentration or popular music studies concentration are primarily for students who want a broad liberal arts education while majoring in music. A degree concentration in General Music requires approximately two years of music coursework with no audition or portfolio needed. 

Degree Programs

What can I do with a degree in General Music?

Our faculty produce well-rounded, skilled scholars and performers who are flexible leaders with global perspectives and great people skills who become cultural influencers and entrepreneurs. Specific skills you will have gained from your degree in music or dance include:



Musical performer
Video game composer
Film scoring
Conductor/choral director
Pit orchestra musician
Collaborative pianist/musician
Private studio owner/instructor
Vocal coach
Acoustics consultant*
Summer camp music
Music librarian*
Technical music assistant
Music preparation/ supervisor
Religious music director
Music school teacher**
 *with additional certification or degree

Performance Opportunities 



School of Music and Dance scholarships and financial aid are available. For complete information about financial aid, including loans, see the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships section of the UO catalog. 

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