Profile picture of Lance Miller

Lance Miller

Senior Sound/Video Recording Engineer
Phone: 541-346-5659
Office: 191 Frohnmayer Music Bldg
Research Interests: Music Technology, Audio Production, Applied Popular Music

Miller joined the staff at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance in 1998, and the faculty in 2009.

Miller created and now runs the Audio Production Dept. which includes classes in Audio Production, Analog Recording, DAW Production Sequence, Documentary Field Recording, Plug-ins Design, and Data Sonification.

His production and engineering work with various faculty members and other artists have been distributed worldwide by labels Naxos, Koch, Innova, Origin, 8Bells, SideCho, Soundspells, Bridge, Dowd Records, CDMUSA, SubPop and WindUp.

Miller has been submitted for Grammy consideration along with Alexandre Dossin for their 2015 work of Leonard Bernstein songs.

Miller is a composer producing a variety of music including electronic, rock, film scores, and contemporary. He has released two albums of original music on the Perfect Records label.

Miller and his wife Holly own and operate Galahad Productions, a graphic design and audio production company since 1990.

AA 1982, Composition, Mt. Hood Community College


  • Leonard Bernstein Youthful Songs (2016 Naxos Intl)
  • Alexandre Dossin, Dmitri Kabalevsky: Complete Preludes & Fugues (2008, Naxos Intl) Dmitri Kabalevsky: Complete Sonatas (2008, Naxos Intl)
  • Fritz Gearhart, William Grant Still (2001, Koch Intl)
  • Robert Casadesus: Complete Preludes (2000, Koch Intl)
  • Victor Steinhardt, Running Blue With Tangoes (2010)
  • Beta Collide, Psst...Psst! (2010, Innova)
  • Alexandre Dossin, Music For The Young, Tchaikovsky (2010 Hal Leonard)
  • Ann Tedards, Marva Duerkson, Songs Of Libby Larsen (2010)


  • Obsidian Animals, Sound In-Sight (2017)
  • Good Vibes Jazz Duo, Snapshot Live! (2005, Cdmusa)
  • Busdust & Dogs (2007, Cdmusa)
  • Seven Minus, And You Shall Know Our Velocity (Self)
  • Anywhen Ensemble, Rivers (2011, Origin Classic)
  • Douglas Detrick Quintet, The Turning Point (2009, 8Bells)  
  • Hashem Assadullahi, Strange Neighbor (2009, 8Bells)
  • Anywhen Ensemble, Walking Across (2009, 8Bells)
  • Poisonous Birds, Live At Jofeds (2009)


  • Inner Limits, Hit The Highway (2019)
  • Inner Limits, Re-Writes, Vol. I (2019)
  • Snout, Hippo (Perfect Records 2005)
  • Black Apache, Self-Titled ( Perfect Records 2011)
  • Road Home And The Stars Above, Untitled (2009)
  • Pablo The Chemist, Untitled (2009)