Music Technology

Data Driven Instruments

Future Music Oregon, the UO’s music technology center, is dedicated to the exploration of sound and its creation, to new forms of musical and new media performance, and to the innovative use of computers and other recent technologies to create expressive music and new media compositions.

Courses offered in the Future Music Oregon studios include Electronic Composition, Interactive Media Performance, SensorMusik, Musical Performance Networks, Performance with Data-Driven Instruments, Digital Audio and Sound Design, and History of Electro-Acoustic Music.

The Oregon Electronic Device Orchestra (OEDO) employs all types of recent technology to provide unique performance experiences for its members.

Students are exposed to new works and celebrated composers through the Future Music Oregon concert series.

Music Technology Resources 

Future Music Oregon features a suite of outstanding studios for electroacoustic and new media composition equipped with current software, digital mixers, game controllers, and sensor-based interfaces for musical and artistic exploration.