Donor Honor Roll


All donors with cumulative giving of $100 or more to the SOMD from 1/1/19 to 12/31/20.

Rebecca and Robert Adams Jr.
Johnetta and Donald Adamson '55
All That Dance Company
Susan and Gary Allen '69
Eugene Chapter-American Guild of Organists
Raymond Anderson '67, MM '74
John Andrews
Michael Armstrong
Cynthia '82 and Dana Aschbacher '83
Susan Ashley
Dorothy and Thomas Atwood
Alen Bahret '87
Nancy Baird
Michael Bandonis '77, JD '80
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Scott Barkhurst '68
Linda and Lawrence Beach '65, MM '71
Nancy Beechem
Ethel Rodgers Benedum MM '69, DMA '71 and Richard Benedum DMA '72
Elizabeth '72 and Richard Berg Jr. MM '77
Constance Berglund
Phyllis '56 and Andrew Berwick, Jr. '55
Aletta Biersack
Susan Bishop '82 and Harold Lee
David Blackwell
Darlene '74, MM '83 and Gerald Blais '74 Celeste Blythe
Paul Bocci III
Catherine Bonomini-Smith
Virginia and Bernard Bopp
Dave Bowers
Susan '75, MM '77 and Roger Bowles '75
Boy Scouts of America
Joanna '62 and Wendell Branvold
Ann Brenda '62
Andrea '91, MM '96 and Jarrett Brock '95, MM '06
Charlotte and Gary Brockway
Nancy '72 and Charles Bubl
Robin and Robert Burk
Alice Burke '83, MM '86 and George Recker
C. Michael Burkhardt
Janet and James Bursch
Alta and Warren Burton DMA '74
Julie '85 and Christopher Butler
Mary Pugsley and Steven Butt
Sarah '99 and Joshua Byrum '00
Catherine and Joseph Calbreath
Eli Capilouto
Mary Lynne Capilouto
Melvin Carlson Jr.
Chamber Music Amici
Cecilia Chang MM '66
Karen French and Robin Chitwood
Laura and William Clendenen Sr.
Judy and Jim Clinton '65
Clyde Fahlman Revocable Trust
Gaye Coffey '85
William Cohendet '68
Michelle Cole '80
Michelle Collay MM '82, PhD '88 and George Gagnon Jr.
Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
Concerts at First
David Cook '63, MM '64
Deborah Cordell
Joan and Otto Crumroy Jr. '56
Kathryn '72 and Bruce Cunningham '71
Kelly Terwilliger and Leo Cytrynbaum MBA '07
Irene and George Daugherty
David and Amy Fulton Foundation
Jeannette Bobst MS '75 and Gerald Davis '63
Mari and Mark Dembrow MEd '74
Sharon Devol '75
Karen and Stephen Dirks
Sally and Bernard Dobroski
Patricia Dodson MM '61
Frank Doring
Ingrid Morton-Draper '87 and Iain Draper MBA '90
Patricia '61 and Donald Duerfeldt '64, MM '72
Amanda Powell and Dianne Dugaw
Phillip Duggins
Christine and Michael Edwards '83
Elvita Engelgau
Lawrence Erickson '72, MM '76
Laura '53 and Robert Erickson
Estate of Gene D. Slayter
Estate of Glenn Y. Allen
Estate of Kathryn Bowers
Estate of Leslie T. Breidenthal
Tresa '67 and James Eyres '66
Dorothy P. '54 and Clyde H. Fahlman '53
Gary Ferrington
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Presbyterian Church
Constance Walker and Randolph Fogerty
Beatrice Fontana '64

William Fournier
Luz Villasana and Dieter Fox
Richard Frey Jr. MA '63, PhD '69
Mira Frohnmayer '60
David Fulton
Linda MEd '76 and Stephen Gallier '76
Mary Garvin '70
Janet Gehlert '60
Phillip Gianos
Connie '72, MS '90, MS '92 and Larry Gienger
Jo Ann Gish '78, MBA '83
Jacqueline Giustina '43
The Giustina Family
Donna Arnett and Stephen Glasser
Greater Horizons
Shandra Greig '89 and Rodney Orr
Jocelyn Bonner and James Grimm
Mary Grosh
Janice Gunderson '68
Susan '75 and Bruce Gutgesell '76
Monica Haaland '80
Beverly Hackleman '68, MEd '71
Roberta '60, MM '81 and Larry Hall '61
Pamela and Gary Halleen
Jennifer Hammond '94 and William Skipper
Nancy '56 and Danford Hand
Mark Hardy
Roland Harris '62, MM '71
John Hartup Jr.
David Hattenhauer '74, MM '79
Betsy '71 and Gregory Hatton '71
Olive and Derek Healey
Constance '67, MM '69 and Donald Heard '66, MM '68
Donna Hein '65, MA '71
John Heintz
Karen Hendricks '65, MA '73, JD '79 and Wayne Harrison
Patricia and Raymond Hendricks MM '68
Gary HewittJacquelene Hilfiker '53
Maryjane and Philip Hillstrom MM '68, DMA '74
Joan '65, MA '75, MS '83 and James Hladky
Keyte Hladky '78, MS '86
Mary and Jon Hogen
Elizabeth '89 and Mark Holden
Lavern and Sherrill Holly '61
Kasey '86, JD '89 and Steven Holwerda MBA '91
International Business Machines Corporation
Jessica and Habib Iddrisu
Kerry '02 and Steven Itami '92
James D. Fournier Living Trust
Barbara and Timothy Jenkins
Judy and Wilbur Jensen DMD '64
John & Stephany LaLonde Rev In Vivos Trust
John M. Kalny II Charitable Foundation
Anita '53 and Arthur Johnson '50
Judith Johnson
Susan Johnson
Sue Birkinshaw and Paul Joines DMA '75
K Norman Berry Associates Architects
Kimberly '07, MA '11 and John Kalny II '07
Karen M Seidel Revocable Trust
Louise Karther MEd '67, PhD '83
Linda '71 and Allan Katz
Cindy and Gary Kehl
Ariel Ungerleider '05
Lois Kingsford '66
Analea and Darrell Klampe '55
Lornie and Fredrik Knudsen '76
Marlen and Michael Koenig
Barbara Kopra MM '82
Carolyn '64 and Dean Kortge
Thomas Kreider
Cynthia and Paul Kremser
Constance and Thomas Kulick '70
Lester Kuyper
John La Londe '71, MEd '72
Sara '92 and Christopher Lamon '92
Janet and Brian Lamson '82
Heather Land
Steffen Land
James Lawrence
Sandra Lebow '76
Joel Leming
Lester Vernon Simons Rev Trust
Sherrie Barr and Philip Lewin
Liane Nishimura Insurance Agency, Inc.
Michele Liby '78
Maxine and Ronald Linde
Kathleen Lindlan MS '92, MS '98 and Michael Raymer
Sharon and David Lindley '58
Anita and William Looney
Beverley and Errol Loving '59
Norma and Frederick Luebke
Elaiane Mintzer and William Macaulay
Tove and Evan Mandigo '67
James McBride
Sammie McCormack PhD '85
Doris McKee
Marianne Mendenhall

Marceline Hammock and Herbert Merker '62
Debra and Gregory Mettler '79, JD '84
Beth Welton-Miller and Daniel Miller
Mildred '72, MM '73 and Matt Miller
Miscellaneous Donor
Charles Missar
Elizabeth and James Mohr
Janice Monti '69, MA '71 and James Miller
Gerald Morgan Jr.
Charles Morrison '88
Phyllis Helland and Raymond Morse DMA '85
Adith Moursund
Mardi Chase '74 and William Mueller '74
Barbara MS '78 and John Mundall
Sheryl and Jeffrey Murawsky
Marilyn and James Murdock
Jerene Adler and Byron Musa MD '56
Wayne Musgrove
N. B. and Jacqueline Giustina Foundation
National Life Group
Victoria and Leslie Neighbors '61
Nola and Brian Nelson '86
Kathleen Pengelly MM '77 and Robert Nelson PhD '86
Christie Newland '73, MA '79
Natalie and Robin Newlove
Matthew Ngai
Liane and Wayne Nishimura
Joan Bayliss and Irwin Noparstak
Leah and Eugene O'Brien
Mary Glass O'Leary '55 and Jay O'Leary
Sherry Oeser MUP '80
Michael Ogrady
Kristina Oliveira '84
Deborah Olson
Elizabeth Olson '51
Oregon Arts Commission
The Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Tuba Association
Sara '78 and William Orr '78
Carolyn Ortman
Diana and Ron Osibov
Madgil Overley '03
Eve McClure and Stephen Owen
Frances '69 and D. Nelson Page '65
Laramie MS '83 and Theodore Palmer
Mary and Walter Parsons
Catherine Pederson '54
Mel Petersen
Victor Petroff
Nancy and David Petrone '66, MBA '68
Philip & Maryjane Hillstrom Rev Trust
James Phillips '63, MEd '69, MS '70
Charlotte Leedy and David Pienkowski
Jill '96 and Gary Plant '98
Nancy Pobanz '81
Camilla Pratt
Margaret Quackenbush MA '76
Carole and Milton Quam '62
Patricia Rankin MS '80
Sonja Rasmussen '81
Wendelle Rawlinson MS '91
Jody and R. Neil Ready
Keith Reas MM '75
Julia '60 and Russell Reid
Nancy Reid
Ralph Reisbeck
Leslie and Robert Reisfeld Jr.
James Risinger '64
Dannielle Ritacco '09
Barbara Robben
Mike Romanaggi '86
Marcia and Gerald Romick
Paul Roth MS '92
Barbara Fulton Royalty '53
Brenda Saban MA '02
Saint Mary's Episcopal Church
Kenton Sandine '63
Jean and Mikhaile Savary
Ann Vail and Gary Schaeffer
Carol and Ronald Scherman
Anne and Jeffery Schilling '80
Rebecca Schmidt '76
Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
Jordan Schnitzer '73
Mary Jayne Robert Rev Liv Trust

Gregory Schultz '71
Schwab Charitable Fund
Yoshino and Robert Scoggin '78
Elizabeth and Charles Search Jr.
Stephanie MA '80 and Douglas Sears MA '69
Karen Seidel
Patricia Sexton '54
Aaron Shatzer MS '13
Constance Shearer
Karen '83 and Patrick Sheehy
Penelope '67 and David Short '64
Satoko Kamiya '01 and Anthony Shou March '01
Daniel Sigmon
Georgette and Robert Silber
Diane Simmons '67
Lester Simons '52, MM '63
Doris MM '70 and Lynn Sjolund '51, MM '56
Emma and Allen Sloan
Christopher Slottee
Virginia Smith '65, MM '78
Catherine and John Smith
Mary Lou '67 and Marty W. Smith
Sharron Smith '58, MM '73
S. Scott Smith '87
Marilyn '74, MS '76 and Randall Sprick MS '74, PhD '79
State Farm Companies FoundationJanet '74 and Mark Steidel '73
Lynn StephenRoger Stephen
Leiann and Timothy Stephenson
Nancy Guitteau and David Stern
Janet Stewart
Lisa and Jon Stine MS '82
Alison and Wayne Stoll '76
Deborah and James Straughan '69
Marion Sweeney, Kate Laue and Cama Evans
Mary and John Tachouet '64
Deborah and Nelson Tandoc '57
Marilyn and James Tandrow
Michelle and David Taube
Susan and Bahram Tavakolian
TD Ameritrade Clearing
Esther Jacobson-Tepfer and Gary Tepfer '75
Sharlyn Thacker
The JANUS Group LLCThe Presser Foundation
Nancy and David Thomas
Denise Thomas '85
Gregory Thompson '71
Jeffrey Turay '63, MM '66
Monica '93, JD '96 and Donald Turnbaugh Jr. '90
Teresa Tutt MA '76, PhD '82
Bernice and Jack Ullom DMA '78
United Way of Lane County
Alvin Urquhart
Steve Vacchi
Lydia Van Dreel
Patricia Van Dyck
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
F. Regina Psaki and Marc VanScheeuwijck
Mitzi Vernon
Curtis Vie '79
Marie Vitulli
Josephine and Peter von Hippel
Robert Voss
Kaye and Harrison Waite
Tori and Michael Waples
Sally and Kim Ward '66
Sandra Weaver
Bonnie and Mark Weiss
Wells Fargo Foundation
Patricia '63, MA '78 and William Wilber
Patricia Williams
Janice and Thomas Wimberly
Norma and Everett Winter '56
Women's Choral Society
Carol and Kent Wong '73
Leslie and Charles Wright
Sarah '86 and David Wright '85
Maureen Stone and Douglas Wyatt
Yamaha Corporation of America
Carol Yetter '65
George Zdru
Marilyn Zook
Brad Foley
Brenda and William McConnel
Foo 1996 Trust UAD, 061496
Virginia '71 and Timothy Foo '68
Eric Foster '97, JD '01